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Andrea Reynders


Andrea Reynders is a designer interested in body-space relationships and is committed to a borderless life where exploration and experience inform unlimited possibilities. She loves the notion of skin—whether it is the fabric that covers a body, a shelter, a building, a membrane that creates a relationship between people it is the fluid connection in life.

It is with this unrestricted fluidity and poetic depth that Andrea’s designs are created. Her work focuses on simplicity, volume, texture and rhythm—designed for independent women and men who are compelled to live a unique life. Andrea’s lines of women’s coats, skirts, re-purposed garments and men’s shirts are shaped with the philosophy that design is contemporary yet timeless.

Through her interdisciplinary approach, Andrea seamlessly blends the world of fashion design into a broader design realm. She appoints individual detailing to garments, often hand dying and manipulating fabrics.

In addition to being Professor Emeritus at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Andrea is both a graduate and former Sage Endowed Chair of Fashion Design. During her tenure at SAIC, Andrea acted as a visionary, leading faculty and students through much growth and change. She was instrumental in the development of the Graduate Program in Fashion Body and Garment.

Andrea currently serves as the Design Director at the Chicago Fashion Incubator, and was recently awarded her second residency at the Quimby Colony.

The designer lives and works in St. Charles, IL. She is a co-director with her architect husband, Hennie Reynders, in Studio Alabaster Blue LLC.


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Andrea Reynders has been a visiting artist at the Royal College of Art in London, The Department of Design at the University of Johannesburg, and the University of Pretoria, South Africa. She has been a facilitator at Archeworks in Chicago, and is consulting with several Art and Design schools across the country developing new fashion studies programs.


Andrea Reynders is available for consultation. Her broad range of experience includes but is not limited to product placement, Working with colleges in new academic programs in fashion, establishing emerging designers, collection design and collaboration