Design 50: Who Shapes Chicago 2018

Andrea Reynders, Gillion Carrara, Anna Brown
Partners, we are MATERIAL
Individually, they are remarkable professionals in their field: fashion designer Anna Brown is a stellar alum from the Chicago Fashion Incubator at Macy’s; Andrea Reynders is the design director at the Incubator and professor emeritus of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Fashion Department; metalsmith Gillion Carrara is the founding director of the school’s Fashion Resource Center and faculty member. United by mutual admiration and commitment to an artisanal approach to clothing and accessory design, they created we are MATERIAL in 2017, a design collective which endeavors to create gatherings that address aspects of the design practice, such as ideation, collection design and material sourcing. “Our intent is to connect designers and artisans who manufacture locally with current and new supporters to rekindle the designer-patron relationship in a more meaningful way,” says Brown.

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