My designs are modern with sculptural lines and are timeless. My designs reflect and define the space between body and garment, dreams and reality and the relationship between our private worlds and our lived expressions of being. This aesthetic approach inspires a vision of dressing that appeals to women and men who seek uniqueness and quality in timeless design: clothing that is easy to wear and easy to pack and travel with.

Born and raised in Chicago, I have always been interested in a range of fashion related endeavors in my varied roles as fashion designer, educator (Professor Emeritus, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago) mentor (Design Director, Chicago Fashion Incubator at Macy’s) curator and consultant. In 2018 I was one of the founders of we are MATERIAL (with Gillion Carrara and Anna Brown) a collective of clothing and accessory designers who are committed to a creative practice that redefines the intersection of artisanal tradition with contemporary silhouettes.

My studio is in Bull Valley, Woodstock, IL., outside of Chicago on our property called Lenten Moon. The studio environment is as real as the gardens and landscapes where my husband, Hennie, and I work and gather inspiration from, as authentic as the objects and fabrics collected on our travels and shared with all those who love quality and timeless design as much as we do. Make an appointment to come and visit.

Lenten Moon