Design 50: Who Shapes Chicago 2019

Andrea Reynders, Anna Brown, Gillion Carrara
Founders, we are MATERIAL
The we are MATERIAL manifesto is to redefine artisanal tradition by intersecting with contemporary silhouettes. Their goal is create meaningful experiences through design practice, collection design and material sourcing. Andrea Reynders, professor emeritus of the School of the Art Institute Fashion Design Department and design director of the Chicago Fashion Incubator at Macy’s, joined forces with founding director of the School of the Art Institute Fashion Resource Center and faculty member Gillion Carrara, as well as Anna Brown, whose designs are informed by historical menswear and workwear, twentieth-century art and design, and the built environment’s interaction with nature. “Unlike a family where you do not get to choose who you belong to, we as colleagues and friends made a conscious decision to form a collective out of a mutual respect for one another, and a respect for the work we do,” says Reynders. “We all work independently but when joining forces we feel we have formed a new strength going forward.”

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